Yellow Brick Road Tours

Yellow Brick Road Tours offers exciting, enriching, and amazing specialist holidays to global destinations. Whether you’re looking for the typical beach holiday experience, tailor–made or something just that little bit more adventurous and exotic, our new horizon of gay and lesbian travel hits the spot.

We offer privileged access to a country to enjoy new experiences, with like-minded people in the Yellow Brick Road community. Solo travellers, couples, friends and family can all discover unforgettable and memorable travel moments in a safe environment.

You never know where the Yellow Brick Road will take you!

Gay Travel

Gay travel has seen unprecedented changes and growth in the past decade. This evolution has led to significant demand for new, authentic and exceptional types of gay and lesbian holidays which as a gay tour operator, we provide.

Lesbian and gay travel is now embraced in many destinations and hotels where it wasn’t as recently as 10-years-ago. Gay group tours now offer the highest standards of quality, value, depth of experiences and interactions. We have the global travel opportunities that have been available to the mass market for years.



Yellow Brick Road Tours offers fun, intelligent, sensory awakening, upmarket, and affordable gay and lesbian tours to some of the world’s most exciting destinations. We understand that successful gay tours must be thoughtfully created and operated with the client in mind – this is why we take the utmost care in devising sophisticated, memorable and enjoyable itineraries. We listen carefully to you, our customers, to ensure that the services we offer are considerate of your needs and that our service reflects this in every step of your journey.

As global attitudes progress and develop, Yellow Brick Road Tours is poised to front this evolution, providing contemporary, fun and adventurous gay and lesbian holidays.